Music Producer




Connecting young music  producers with mentors to help you learn and network.


Welcome to the program

What to expect

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Open to all skill levels

For music producers in high school with little or no experience

Free for everyone

All of our mentors are volunteers and do not charge  for sessions

Learn the fundamentals

Learn the basics to get you started Producing quality beats

Small group sessions

Zoom video chat and network with other music producers

How it works

1. Find your mentor

All you need to participate are headphones, a computer, and internet access. We will hook you up with free music production software if you do not already have any on your computer.

2. Create your feedback plan

Let your mentor know a bit about yourself, if you have any prior experience producing music (or if you are just starting out), and the genre(s) of music you are interested in producing.


3. Meet your mentor

Mentorship sessions meet once every two weeks through Zoom. During this time you will learn beginner production techniques and receive feedback on tracks that you would like to share.

Sign up for the program

Registration is open: