Feedback Forum

  • Online group video chat with other musicians

  • Network and receive feedback on your tunes

  • Share your creative and technical process

Upcoming Feedback Forum

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Reserve your spot

Hip-Hop, Trap, R&B group

Tuesday May 12, 2020  (7:00pm - 8:30pm est) 

Pop, Indie group

Wednesday May 13, 2020  (7:00pm - 8:30pm est) 

Electronic group

Thursday May 14, 2020  (7:00pm - 8:30pm est) 

What to expect

 1. When signing up you will select which group you would like to participate in based on your preferred genre and also submit a link to the track you would like to receive feedback on.  


2. Groups will consist of up to 7 musicians in total of different skill levels (but all from the same genre). 

3. Prior to the start of the event we will email you a link to the Zoom video chat. Make sure you download Zoom prior to the event. Please also ensure you have a solid internet connection prior to the start of the event!

4. Once the event has started, each participant will have the opportunity to share a completed original track or a work in progress. The moderator will first play a portion of the track you submitted for everyone (Zoom allows for the ability to share computer audio). They will then help facilitate questions to the group to ensure you get the feedback you are looking for.

5. We will repeat this process for all participants!