1. Teams must start with a blank session.

2. Teams have 1 hour to create a 60-90 second track that they must place in the submissions folder (see below) before the time is up. Please name your track after your group number (example: group 2.wav).

3. Teams must create a track at the BPM assigned to them.

4. Teams may ONLY use samples provided to them (see below) as a part of the competition (this means no premade loops).

5. Teams may ONLY use ‘sampler instruments’ to create progressions. (this means no VST synths or in house/software default synths aside from ‘sampler instruments’).

6. Teams may ONLY use in house/software default effects (his means no VST effects).

7. Teams may use hardware/instruments/vocals as long as everything is created and recorded once the competition starts.

8. Additional hardware teams are allowed to use: 

  • Hard drives (to transfer files and multitracks between computers)

  • Headphones

  • Headphone splitters

  • Mini speaker

  • Midi hardware/instruments. 


Your track must be at this tempo


Secret Ingredients

All samples in this pack must go into your final track

Click here to view your secret ingredients

Open Ingredients

You may use as many samples from this pack as you wish

Click here to view your open ingredients

Submissions folder

Drop your completed track into this folder

Click here to view the submissions folder

Workflow Suggestions

1) Spend some time assigning roles to producers based on skill level and areas of specialty.

2) Assign one project manager to help steer the ship.


3) Quickly transfer files between computers using either airdrop or a hard drive.


4) Leave time to do a quick master.


5) The 'open samples' folder contains a lot of great sound waves that work perfectly in sampler synths.

6) Do not second guess your decisions... Keep moving forward!