Beat Maker Bakeoff

- Teams of 4 musicians

- Have 1 hour to make a track

- Using 'secret ingredients' (in the form of samples)

- Prizes and networking opportunities for the winning team!

Upcoming Bakeoff



For the winning team in cash and VST plugins courtesy of Google and TAL software


We are so excited to partner with Google for this upcoming bakeoff to help promote their new community organizing app, Shoelace. Click here to find the MPC on shoelace, as well as a ton of other music communities!

TAL Software is a small company founded around the year 2000 and located in Switzerland who create high quality instruments and effects with a user friendly interface for reasonable pricing. Check them out here.

Bakeoff Rules:

 1. Anyone of any skill level, genre, or musician type (singer/songwriter/producer/instrumentalist) is allowed to compete.


2. Teams must start with a blank session.

3. Teams have 1 hour to create a 60-90 second track that they must place in the submissions folder before the time is up.

4. Teams must create a track at the BPM assigned to them.

5. Teams may ONLY use samples provided to them as a part of the competition (this means no premade loops).

6. Teams may ONLY use ‘sampler instruments’ to create progressions. (this means no VST synths or in house/software default synths aside from ‘sampler instruments’).

7. Teams may ONLY use in house/software default effects (his means no VST effects).

8. Teams may use hardware/instruments/vocals as long as everything is created and recorded once the competition starts.

9. Additional hardware teams are allowed to use: 

  • Hard drives (to transfer files and multitracks between computers)

  • Headphones

  • Headphone splitters

  • Mini speaker

  • Midi hardware/instruments. 

Interested In Working With The MPC? 

Whether you are a brand wanting to create an engaging experience centered around music or a musician wanting to collaborate, we want to hear from you!


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