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Whether you are a brand wanting to create an engaging experience centered around music or a musician wanting to collaborate, we want to hear from you!


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The MPC facilitates networking events and workshops that connect musicians with experts to help them grow and gain exposure.

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Discord is an awesome chat app that brings together communities of similar interests.

  • Network with other musicians from around the world.

  • Share your tunes and receive critical feedback. 

  • Discuss your creative and technical process.

Past partnerships

Artist masterclass

in partnership with

The MPC organized a masterclass for Spotify with the goal of hosting more community driven events. We packed the place out with over 200 musicians in attendance! 

Fireside Chat

in partnership with

The MPC organized a fireside chat for Mixmag and WAV media with the goal of promoting their new. The event featured legendary house artist Baltra, and drove traffic to the new WAV media app!

Workshop Series

in partnership with

The MPC partnered with Fools Gold Records with the goal of connecting their artists and fans. We hosted a series of workshops that featured three of their world famous artists.

Additional partnerships


Meet the team

Ethan Norville

Marketing Manager

Robert Capelluto

CEO/Creative Director

TJ Donohue

Artist and Label Relations

Calvin Sauveur

Director of Photography

Alex Magee

Head of Partnerships

Kristine Bernabe

Graphic Designer

Jude Poku

Video Editor

Sameer Bhatia

Social Media Manager

Kevin Santos

Product Designer

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